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Scientific production association "Transautomatic" LTD exists in the market of the railways of Ukraine since 1993

The basic lines of activity of the enterprise – designing of systems SCB and communication, building - assembly, starting-up and adjustment works, complex delivery of the equipment and materials, i.e. we perform works "on a turn-key basis" on directions:

  • SCB and communication of the railways of Ukraine and access roads of the industrial enterprises;
  • Systems electric and centralized traffic control, automatic lock-out;
  • Automatic crossing the alarm system.

During the last years the enterprise performs following works:

- The equipment of sites Dneprodzerzhinsk – Baglej, Baglej – Suhachevka of the Pridneprovsky railway and Avdeevka – Ocheretino, Ocheretino – Desired Donetsk railway devices of automatic blocking with voice-frequency rail chains with the centralized placing of the equipment (ABTC);

- The equipment of station Baglej of the Pridneprovsky railway devices of electric centralization with a microprocessor routing set;

- Civil and erection works on the equipment system MSDC "Cascade" of a high-speed site of movement of trains in a direction Dnepropetrovsk – Kiev (the Pridneprovsky, Southwest and Odessa railways) are executed, in the Moscow direction (Kiev – Zernovoye), civil and erection works on equipment MSDC "Cascade" of Krivorozhsky management Pridneprovsky railway are conducted. And Debaltsevsky management Donetsk railway design works are performed on coordination MSDC "Cascade" with devices SCB on the specified objects;

- The complex of works on the device of systems SCB, the device of systems of power supply of access roads of a sea railway crossing «TIS - Crimea» (Ukraine – Russia) is executed;

- Works on the equipment of railway crossings automatic crossing the alarm system;

- Works on a lining of systems of fiber-optic communication lines and cable lines of a long-distance communication for the enterprises of the railway and leading operators stationary and cellular communication of Ukraine;

- Works on the device of traveling development of the enterprises of some commercial structures;

- Design works of electric centralization with a microprocessor routing set of the item Vecherny Kut, a post EC-1 Pridneprovsky railway, station Rodinsky Donetsk railway.

We carry out calculations of adjusting tables of voice-frequency rail chains.

All performed works surrender in contractual terms with appropriate quality that completely satisfies to the requirement of customers and promotes strengthening of positions of the enterprise in the market.

Main principles technical and enterprise economic policy – introduction and working out of new technologies and the equipment, full technical support and support of the handed over objects, competitive prices, high quality and the minimum terms of the executed works, increase in a share of presence of the enterprise in the market of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Pre-production operation of the device of an obstacle of moving УЗП 91.00

Pre-production model of barrier ШАП.ТА 01.10